SCS Agrablock

Interlocking paving grid for gravel or grass

Agrablock is a versatile interlocking paving grid which can be used to recreate the natural surfaces of gravel or grass whilst providing the structural integrity necessary for trafficking. It is also highly suitable for gravel retention on bridge abutments.

The combination of the natural aesthetics associated with gravel and/or grass and the high porosity of SCS Agrablock makes the product a natural contender for many Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) schemes. The use of SCS Agrablock together with traditional hardstandings allows storm-water management schemes presents the ability to manage storm-water at source.

Available throughout the UK and made from recycled high density polyethylene, Agrablock is a modular unit which works in conjunction with adjacent units to form an exceptionally durable, permanently porous, high load bearing paving structure which, when correctly installed, presents either grass or aggregate in completed form - thereby constituting a highly aesthetic and permanently porous wearing surface.


Agrablock s highly suitable for providing paved areas where the recreation of the natural appearance of grass or gravel is important whilst addressing the trafficking requirements. Applications are extensive and typically include:

• access roads;
• emergency access lanes:
• car parks;
• pedestrian areas;
• on verges;
• vehicle hardstandings; and
• footpaths.

Increasingly, however, SCS Agrablock is being used alongside more traditional forms of paving for three main reasons.


• The high porosity of SCS Agrablock and integral lateral drainage enables storm-water to be removed from paved areas as part of an overall storm-water management scheme and is equally suitable for both infiltration and attenuation projects.

• The finished presentation, whether in grass or gravel, enables designers to increase the overall aesthetics of their schemes by utilising naturally occurring materials.

• SCS Agrablock is structurally strong with a filled compressive strength of 1,830 KN / m2.

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