Wildflower Turf

Soil-less turf for landscape and green roofs

'This is an alternative establishment option to seeding. Wild Flower Turf gives a quick, easy and guaranteed way of establishing a wild flower meadow.

     · The provision of established plants that can compete with, and suppress weed seeds.

     · A 50:50 mix of native wild flower varieties and grasses at optimum densities for establishment.

     · Low maintenance requirement – only one cut per year.

     · Attracts insects and other invertebrate animals, birds and mammals.

     · Establishes a Wild Flower turf meadow within 8 weeks of laying turf.

     · Changing colours throughout the year in the finished wild flower meadow.

Wild Flower Turf Green Roof applications:

The simple soil-less system provides fast establishment for wide-ranging, lightweight, plant growth on roofs suitable for any manufacturer’s green roof system.

CT Flora Roof and CT Flora Roof Plus wild flower turf provides the perfect solution for establishing a truly native bio-diverse environment in which flora and fauna can thrive on a green roof in any situation from urban to industrial and rural sites.

As an alternative to sedum mat, CT Flora Roof and CT Flora Roof Plus wildflower turf can create a unique green roof that provides a micro climate for many insects, bees and butterflies as well as a food source and predator free area for birds. At the same time it is fantastic to look at, with changing colours and interest throughout the year.

             · Uses native UK species

             · Installs on any roof pitch suitable

             · Provides all year round green cover

             · One cut required in late summer/autumn

             · Mitigates air pollutants

             · Manages water run-off

             · Improves insulation properties

· Lighter compared with some alternative green roof products'

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Environmental metrics

Company credentials

Turf, grasses and wild flowers

Life expectancy

EPD to ISO 14025

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Wildflower Turf Ltd.

Ashe Warren Farm, Overton Basingstoke, Hants, RG25 3AW

01256 771222

01256 771900

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